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A 19 year old commerce student from chennai calls himself Bangidi(true name not disclosed due to security reasons and famously known as Beautiful Loser in the undernet US server of hackers) is a terror with people as far as internet goes.He also works with an international media television and with other advertising agencies started hacking when he first got the net 2 years back.He now digs into files of official investigating agencies."Hacking is not about breaking security or about stealing money from a bank," he says. "Its about understanding computers the way they were meant to understood. He writes his own software and can take you on a dizzy ride,hacking his way through the information highway.He will show you with expert ease how he downloaded   Citibank's credit card number database.He will kill your process and make you go offline and might even delete your email address or format your harddisk when you are online but he says he hasnt done damage to that extent even though he can ... he just does this for fun.

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