Name: Leslie 'Lezz` Lewis

Zodiac Sign: Gemini / Cancer (Cusp)

Date Of Birth: 20 June

My Sex Appeal: My Smile

Greatest Achievement: First Indian To Perform On Mtv - Unplugged

Happiest Moment: Meeting Quincy Jones

Greatest Regret: No Regrets In Life!

Greatest Fear: Becoming Complacent With My Music

Most Overrated Virtue: "He's A Sweet Guy!"

Greatest Extravagance: Happens Daily!

Most Admired Woman: Lolette - My Wife (Honest!)

Most Admired Man: Quincy Jones

Favourite Perfume /After Shave: Don't Use Any

First Date: Didn't Get Any Time Off From Playing Guitar!

Favourite Holiday Resort: Taj West End (Bangalore)

Favourite Album: Temptations - 'Master Piece'

Favourite Pop Star: Mariah Carrey

Favourite Film: 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'

Favourite Actress: Jaya B.

Favourite Actor: Bruce Willis