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Who is she?This leggy lissome beauty, this sexy smoldering queen of the mmp?

When Malaika switched tracks from modelling to television, she traded her

black locks for a gold andcopper toned sleek zinger. Sufficiently sleek to VJ with at least.

Her face stares out at you from hoardings, magazines and newspapers,

bewitching, demanding a second or even a third look.

What is it that captivates? Her dramatic eyes? Sultry smile? Radiant skin?

The  longgg legs?

As a cute-as-a-button baby, she started her love affair with the camera

in diapers, promoting everything from baby products to soft toys. Her

transition to the glamorous adult world came at the tender age of 17,

splashed by Garesh Natrajan on the cover of Society. Then on, it was

naturally forward, offers flowing in from MR Coffee, Benzer, PierreCardin,

Arena, Kalpu, Nyle Shampoo, MR f Proline, Tanishq ... and mmp work followed.

Ever seen the Prince video 'Dinner with Delores' where Delores eats her

way through it all? Well, that's Malaika 'Delores' Arora (as her

friends call her) for you. Blessed enough to be one of the favored few

who can eat without needing to count every calorie, Malaika is

nevertheless a fitness fanatic and enjoys her daily workouts.

Malaika had also been a school prefect has had training in classical

and jazz ballet and bharat natyam. Her intriguing charm is perhaps the

flip side to her love of mystery - watching spooky horror films.

"I Believe in the supernatural"

And it's all gone to make her ... poised, graceful, fascinating ... and

the perfect hostess for Club MTV. "Having a blast" as she says. "I

pretty much let myself go ... and jabber ... and dance ... and let the

music make me feel good ... ." With lots of happening music and ...

people ... at varied locations ... ."What more can one ask for?