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Nikhil Chinappa the latest Mtv Heart throb from bangalore. Won the Mtv Vj Contest and

the darling of the crowd. Known as Flavor Boy on Madras FM. An architecture Student

from BMS college bangalore. Hosts Shows on Mtv India like Mtv Select,Mtv Chillout.




Name :                                         Nikhil "I WANNA BE AN ANIMAL" CHINAPA

Born :                                         06/06/73  Bangalore,India

Zodiac Sign -                                Gemini

Height-                                      5'9

Hobbies-                                         Reading,Raving,Ranting,Rifle Shooting and Camping

What more in Life?                        There's always more in life Julia More,Demi More and then

                                              Life's a journey so there's THAT more

 Inspiration-                               LOUD !music & LONG legs

 People Admired-                         Pamela Anderson (well parts of her atleast)

Describe yourself                          I'm  a poor little boy nobody loves me

Before becoming a Vj                    I’m from Bangalore and have been doing architecture,

                                             radio theatre,  and... never mind.

 Favorite Music Artists -                 Aerosmith,Pink Floyd,U2,Dire Straits,Ozzy Osbourne,Alanis

 Favorite Actors-                            GODZILLA ...he was the only one in the movie who got in

                                             without using the casting couch!

Favorite Mtv VJ ..Why                      I think Rahul Khanna is the best... But Mike Kasem is my

                                              favourite because he appeals to the left side of my brain which

                                              deals with lateral thought.

 Travel Bug-                                  When you gotta gotta go...anywhere anytime

Getting High-                                 Beer, music friends (preferably naked) and other " Natural"


The Net.......                                     Cyber Jungle .........I lUV IT

 Food For Thought-                       Charity Begins at home .. donate your mother-in-law to

                                             another planet

 Very Uncool-                               Cruelty to animals (Pay me more ....PLEASEE!!)

Memorable Experience-                Shooting with a fully automatic rifle and of course.....errr...!

 If not veejaying then…                   Bartender,Jamaica telling my Pina Coladas that my Planet doesnt

                                              understand me.