Born: 20th June 1972, in Bombay India

Zodiac Sign : Gemini

Siblings: 1 younger
brother, Akshaye

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Favourite Music: Alanis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, George Michael,

Simon and Garfunkle, and Tom Jones

Travel Bug: New York, Australia,
Lombok, Goa and Hong Kong.

Getting High: Bungee Jumping and swimming, with a od of wild
dolphins- totally natural highs!

The Net: Sooooo cool! I once spent
seven hours non-stop on the
internet! I couldn't see straight
the next day!

Noahs Arch: I adore animals! (Dogs,
Horses and Dolphins are my
favourites) Animal cruelty really
upsets me.

Food for thought: Italian, Chinese,Indian and French. Just some of my

Sweet Tooth: Chocolate! Gummi Bears! Licorice! I can't live without sweets.

Sometimes I eat awhole box for dessert! It's disgusting, but I can't help

Very Uncool!! Drugs, drinking and
driving, bigorty and intolerance-
Booo! and most of all smoking-Yuk!

Colours: Black. It's my favourite
color! Nearly everything I own is
black. Furniture, clothes, even bed

Singing in the Shower: That's how I
start my day! It invigorates and
energizes me and sets the mood for
the next 24 hours. Everyone should
try it!